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-|- Wellness implies being mostly free from addictions or compulsive behavior patterns that intefere with your life. At one time or other, most people or thier family or friends will experience some problems due to stress, grief, depression, trauma, child abuse, sexual addiction, smoking, alcohol or drug addiction, or eating disorders

Recovery  refers to the process of  people trying to recover, or free themselves, from something. The something can be as specific as substance abuse, alcoholism, compulsive overeating--or it can be more vague, like codependency [a behaviour pattern]. Some would define recovery even more broadly and go on to say that it  has to do with learning to cope with life. 

Chemical dependency has plagued humankind since man first crushed grapes. Each millennium has treated the problems that addiction brings with a methodology unique to the times. Historically, society, as a way of treating those addicted, has imprisoned them, banished them, put them in mental institutions, religiously converted them and, in today’s world, they are said to have a disease. 

There are 28 million adult children of alcoholics. The total figure for addicts and people involved in addiction in is 131 million people. That's over half. So every other person on the street, in the elevator or in the church, in some way or another, is struggling with some kind of addiction. Either someone they love is an addict or they have an addiction themselves. The impact of the disease on the workplace is significant, resulting in soaring medical bills and decreased productivity, but the personal tragedy is far worse.

Take a few minutes to answer these questions, answer them honestly it may save your life. 
    • Are you unhappy with the way your life has been going?
    • Do you find yourself pre-occupied with the thoughts of drinking or using?
    • Have you ever questioned yourself whether or not you have a problem? 
    • Has anyone told you that you might have a problem? 
    • Do you drink or use alone? 
    • Can you accurately predict when you will stop use after the first one? 
    • Have you drank or used regardless of the consequences? 
    • Has your job or your relationships been affected? 
    • Has your sex drive been affected? 
    • Are you in jeopardy of losing your job or family because of use? 
    • Do you refuse to go to places where you can't use or drink? 
    • Have you ever spent monies that should have been spent on bills? 
    • Do you hide your use or lie about the amount you drink or use? 
    • Do you need to drink or use to have fun or to enhance your social life? 
    • Is it uncomfortable for you in social situations without use? 
    • Do you have any legal problems as a result of use? 
    • Do you constantly live in fear? 
    • Do you use or drink to cope with feelings of pain, anger, and depression? 
    • Do you compromise your values or morals? 
    • Do you feel that you are different from others and no one understands you? 
If you have answered yes to any of these questions, 
then Recovery may be a topic you might want to explore. 

People do recover, every single day. From alcoholism and addiction, mental illness, abuse and trauma, depression, eating disorders and  more, people do get better. They rarely do it alone. The Twelve Step program/organization/fellowship is one that bases its  principles of recovery on the effective Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous,  AA. A frequent abbreviation for Twelve Step programs is '*A' since many Twelve Step groups have 'Anonymous' as the last word in their  name. Use of full names does happen within various meetings, but is not encouraged. 

The phrase that is often used is "working the program.” Now, what does that mean for those who are outside and don't understand. What is working the program? Well, some people might think, "Does it mean going to meetings?" Yes, going to meetings is part of it, but it is a much larger thing. It is getting a sponsor; it is working on Steps; it is going on retreats; it is working a learning process; it is being in training; it is every day, using meditations, doing reflections, working, working on your recovery. That is working a program. Going to a meeting is simply a celebration and a sharing of the progress that you've made. 

An addict faces many hurdles on the road back from the insanity of addiction. So many addicts become overwhelmed along the way and fall back into using. Cravings, Guilt and Depression are the primary barriers that an addict encounters.These barriers are almost impossible to break free of, and cause him to remain in the enslavement of addiction. A drug addict usually does not know he is out of control. He looks at his drug-using peers and his own use appears normal in comparison. He needs objective feedback on his behavior. 

It was once thought that an alcoholic or other drug abuser had to "hit bottom" before help could be offered and accepted; that a drug addict could only get better if he was self-motivated to change. This has changed to the view that a skilled professional counselor can motivate an addict toward recovery. This is called intervention. Intervention is a process that helps an addict recognize the extent of his problem. Through a on-judgmental, non-critical, systematic process, the drug addict is confronted with the impact of his alcoholism or drug use on others. 

The goal of intervention is for him to accept the reality of his drug addiction and to seek help. Unless and until the person really wants recovery most treatment centers are reluctant to participate since there are so many others who want the treatment. While drug abuse and alcoholism is becoming more prevalent, effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation and treatment is scarce and hard to find. 

These days, heroin, crack, methamphetamine, cocaine, LSD, ketamine, MDMA or ecstasy and other drugs are being more heavily abused by adolescents and adults than ever before. Families suffer huge losses while the drug addict steals, lies, gets arrested and goes to jail.  Addicts cannot stop using drugs for two reasons. These are: 1)  Cravings caused by drug residues which remain in the body. 2) The Biochemical Personality caused by drugs and the lifestyle of the addict. Some of the characteristics are: 
  •         Mood swings 
  •         Unreliable. Unable to finish projects. 
  •         Unexpressed resentment and secret hatreds. 
  •         Dishonesty. Lies to family, friends, employers. 
  •         Withdraws from those who love him. Isolates self. 
  •         May appear chronically depressed. 
  •         May begin stealing from family and friends.

The reality is, today’s culture in which two out of every three first marriages end up in divorce. What many experts know about divorce is this that children growing up in families in which they have divorce as an experience, experience internally abandonment, and are at risk of becoming addicted to the avoidance of love. That's very critical because abandonment is one of the primary drivers of addiction. It fosters denial of feelings of neglect or lonileness and helplessness. 

Dissociation is the mind's unique ability to separate itself from the overwhelming experience of trauma in order to attempt to maintain some degree of integrity. Dissociation is spoken of as "standing outside 
oneself" or "watching oneself from a distance" as a traumatic event occurs. 

If we can deny the tragedy implied by a disfunctional and broken family, then denial of addiction may be relatively easy by comparison. People all have some level of denial and rationalizations, telling themselves that what is true is somehow ok, even when it isn't. Denial is usually the surest sign of an addictive personality. 

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