Media Guide

Finding Enlightenment on the Internet
If we can embrace enlightenment and sustainability,
perhaps we can find ways to stop hurting each other and our planet.

Here are links to media files that may be helpful.

Bruce Lipton - Search Results   Epigenetics Joseph Campbell    Rupert Sheldrake   moreCosmology  2   Consciousness
Theosophy    Search results     Archive   2TheQuietMind   Theta    Brainwaves    2Law of Attraction  Hermetic Wisdom
Alan Watts   Archive  Out of Mind  2Gregg Braden    Braden Interviews   2The Divine Matrix    Long interview
Emotional Freedom Technique   EFT FreeTapping    EFT Talk   EFT Tapping FAQ   2EFT search results   EFT Podcasts
Neurolinguistic Programming  (NLP)
NLP and Hypnosis Articles, DownloadsMythology   myths    2   Globalism
Science of Spirituality   Search results   SpiritualityMysticism    Mystical   Lynne McTaggartAdrenal Fatigue  podcasts   2   EFT
Self Hypnosis   more   more    Internet Archive   2 Religion & Spirituality    digitalpodcasts   2 Rick Reynolds   Hypnosis
Hypnosis 101   Hypnosis podcasting     GuideUniversity Of Metaphysical Sciences   
Intuition   Explore Your Spirit
Mind and Body    News For The Soul     2Theatre of the Mind    MetaphysicsCreative Visualization   visualization   2
GnosticismGnostic Podcasts   gnosis   podcastsPodcast links   Learn Out Loud   Mysticism   2Podscope - Spirit Speak    Shaman
 Intenders of the Highest Good    IntentionsSteve Pavlina Audio   The Science of Spirituality Law of Attraction   TheSecret   2   archive
Stephan A. Schwartz    Remote viewing    podcastsPlacebo Effect: Mind Over Body    Deborah Lallier BlogTalkRadio   Alternative Radio
Ego Death   Cybernetics    Shadow SelfRobert Coles: Moral Intelligence     Jean HoustonPathway to Happiness    2
Internet Archive: Metaphysics     Mind & Body   2Happiness through Self Awareness - podcasts    Ken Wilber    Find Your Magnificence
Scott London - Interviews    Bill Moyers    2Conscious Healing   -podcastsSelf awareness - Sadleir    podcasts
Oprah    Radio   Spirit Channel   Best Life  2PodcastBlaster - Spirituality   Eckhart Tolle  2Michael Mercury   Podcast Archives
New Dimensions Radio (24/7)      Spirit RockJovian Archive    Violence   Economic collapseJoseph Campbell    Grail Legends

Get A Podcast - Learn To Meditate     moreGet a Podcast - Meditate   |   MeditationMeditation Music    more     Archive
Transcendental Meditation   Meditation Podcast   Meditation DirectoryPrayer and Meditation     Archive
Meditations      More Meditations    meditationAwakening and Enlightenment -   more Meditation Oasis    SpokenWord
The Meditation Podcast   more   The Replay GuidePersonal and Spiritual Growth      Conrad RawSusan Greggs Food for the Soul
Dave Reads    Deepak Chopra   Copra RadioABC-of-Meditation    How to meditateWorld Wide Online Meditation Center
Mantra meditation - how to  Meditation Benefits Meditation eBook - David Smith  Meditation is easy - tips   Internet Archive
Meditations from Carmel - podcast
Free Meditation Techniques    Robert PuffLearn Meditation - Ananda Marga
Meditation Station - techniques  Mindful MeditationsThe Metta Foundation  Online Meditations listWorld Wide Online Meditation Center
World Wide Online Meditation CenterStress Reduction through meditation    2Overcoming Stress & Illness Roy Masters
The Meditation Room     21 Meditation Exercises Podcast Alley - meditation   archive.orgmeditation podcast search results
Universal laws today     Postive ThinkingFree Online Meditation Radio Stations    2
A Quiet Mind    more     Mindfulness
Podcast Directory     Jesse and Jeane SternMeditation and Spirituality Podcasts    2 Learn to Meditate    Archive
Global Crisis (What Now Archives) Ken Rose Diydharma Guided Meditations Science -Meditation and the Brain

Ven. Thubten Chodron's audio teachings   Teachers What is Enlightenment?  Buddhist Podcasts   more12 step program   Judith Ragir   recovery
Clouds in Water Zen Center - Audio    Zen SearchDharma Ocean -Online Audio     Search ResultsDharma Seed - Dharma Talks   more
BuddhaNet Audio   Podcast search results    ZencastStillpoint - Illness, meditation Wildmind Buddhist Meditation
Vipassana    Vipassana meditation website    Vipassana     Dhura Meditation SocietyCaring Awareness   Jack Kornfield
Dailyzen - "meditation hall"    Replay GuideEmbrace Meditation - downloads   Free Meditations    guided meditations
Bhavana Society - Audio Resources  mindfulnessPico Iyer  with the Dalai LamaShambhala   podcasts  Internet Archive 
Tao Te Ching    more    more     Replay Guide     Search ResultsTao Te Ching: Expressions of ConsciousnessTao Te Ching     podcasts
Dharma Talks -Thich Nhat HanhDhamma Talks   Archive   Deer ParkThanissaro Bhikkhu of Wat Metta
Qigong    Meditation podcast     Search results    moreMeditation Classes - Jude Rozhon   Pema ChodronThich Nhat Hanh     Search    more

Information on Hinduism    Internet Archive   Replay GuidePure Silence - Advaita Vedanta   more     Guru20 min. Yoga Sessions    yoga
Vandana Shiva: Footsteps of Gandhi    Zen Yoga PodcastsRealization     Ramana Maharshi   KrishnamurtiYoga Podcasts   more   Ananga Sivyer

Psychology and the Mind
Brain plasticity      Neuroscience   more   brain science   traumaChild abuse  Abuse recovery   Childhood Revealed Child Abuse and the Brain    podcasts
Quantum mind  (search results)   more   Don Miguel RuizBioenergetics   Quantum Flow Bioenergetics Quantum leap healing meditation
Quantum Podcasts    more    Quantum -Replay guideHow Stress Affects Your Health    Stress    YouTubeFreud  youtube  Jung   psychology
Stress Management   Worry   stress    more   Search  Why We Worry   anxiety   PTSD       morePrayer and Medicine        love
Understanding the Mind & Brain    Dr.Henry GraysonQuantum Consciousness    podcasts    quantum fieldCreative Intelligence   Cognitive dissonance
Science of Consciousness   more   Consciousness    archiveBreathworks   healing breath   Dreams   Affirmations
Brainwave Sync    Biofeedback   podcasts     Abundance     archiveBody & Spirit    Anxiety      podcast
Inside Personal Growth    links    blogs Guided Imagery downloads
Shrink Talk Radio  Way of the Dreamer RadioGiving psychology awayPain management    

Healing and Wellness
Belleruth Naparstek     Articles     Healing ImageryHealing     podcasts     Guided imagery       moreHypnosis Healing    podcasts   Meditations
Positive Thinking -Hypnosis     Why We Do What We Do Spiritual Healing     Healing Holograms   podcastsHealing and Guided Meditation    
Wellness     Teleclasses     Bruce Lipton     Wayne Dyer Reiki Healing     Blogtalk Radio    podcastsAs a Man Thinketh  Live Without Limits
Alpha Break     Yes You Can     Self Reliance The Art of Original Thinking    If   - Kipling Introduction to Your Mind    holistic
Speaking of Faith   Conscious Media     Napoleon HillAlberto Villodo  Healing the Luminous Body  Healing Podcasts     Innovative healing
Health podcast  Happiness Through Self AwarenessWindows To Wellness    more    I  Hay House   Hay House Radio    Healing
Anticancer    more     Holistic Podcasts    moreJohn of God  more   Shamanic    healing    podcastsStress and Negative Thinking    podcasts

Collections of links
New Spirit Journal.  Divination.comPodcast Directory   Dream-talk-radioMichael Stone Interviews
Living Dialogues with Duncan CampbellPersonal Life Media    All is EnergyInstitute of Noetic Sciences    Shift In Action
Merlian Podcasts     Creative PathwaysFuseaction   Theatre of the Mind    Laura Lee Archive Radio    Just Energy Radio    more    Spiritual   SpiritualityLearn Outloud    Spirituality    RadioContact Talk Radio Archives
Pyradyne - Dr Fred Bell     Awakening Blog Oprah's Spirit Channel   Episode ArchiveClassical Music Online Radio
Conscious Radio   |   Spirit ConnectionsPodcast Directories  |  Future Talk Wellness Radio  Laura Moon
Crustbusting - Dr.Pat    Wellness archivesConversations with Masters   New Age     Earl Nightingale
Spirituality Archive    Dr. Steve MaraboliGurus   spiritual teachersGrinning Universe
Pacifica Archives - Meditation   Insites at The EdgeUnity     Encore PresentationsAlternatives -St James  Religious Science
Enlightenment     Light BodyStrategies for Living     The New    Tutorial MP3
The Sixth Sense  -Laurie Nadel Manly P Hall    more
Spirituality Podcasts    resources
Supermastery     Chi energy podcasts
Dan SiegelSpirit Tube - videos    Astrology
Magical People - Interviews by Steve NobelFree Online Spiritual documentaries    moreAlternatives to iTunes for Podcasts
Metaphysical podcasts    Voice America The Dolores Cannon Archives    Metaphysical interviews
Listen to samples from  audio booksNonduality conversationsPodcast and Audio FAQ

Save The Humans
Sustainable future    podcasts     sustainabilityA Greener Future?    podcasts     Factory foodTED Talks   Brian Swimme    2
The Future of Food     Food Crisis    Global WarmingFat Sick, Nearly Dead     GMO podcastsAn Inconvenient Truth    Peak Oil   Peak Water
Peter Russell and Duane Elgin   The Grinning Planet Alienation And Indifference   Bill Moyers    Cowspiricy    Earth Crisis
Duncan Campbell     Sustainable FutureFood, Inc.   Frozen Methane  search resultsKaren Armstrong   2     

Napolean Hill
The Seer
Bruce Lipton
Rupert Sheldrake
William TiIller
Mind and Body
All is Energy
David Sereda
Spiritual Teachers
The Secret
Evelyn Underhill
The Placebo Effect
Jean Houston
Self Awareness
Eckhart Tolle
Joseph Campbell
Alberto Villodo
Dolores Cannon
Alan Watts
Effects of Stress
Stress Relief
Stress and Meditation
Stress Affects Health

Why Meditate
How to Meditate
Guided Meditation
Basic Meditation
Simple Meditation
Meditation Techniques
Advanced Meditation
Brain and Meditation
Meditation Science
Mantra Meditation
Noetic Science
The Noetic Institute
Oprah   2
New Age Movement
Light Workers
What is Enlightenment
What is Buddhism
What is Dharma
Who was Buddha
What is Vipassana
What is Taoism
Tao Te Ching
Thich Nhat Hanh
What is Hinduism
What is Yoga
What is Vedanta
Chi Energy
Freud   Jung
Brain Science
Brain and Mind   2
Quantum Mind
Robert Moss-Dreams
Light Body
Spiritual Healing
Louise Hay
Reiki Healing
Belleruth Naparstek

Good podcasts are popping up like flowers!
Many of these files are suitable for topics at discussion groups or meditation meetings. Orbit is free software to make downloading easy, and you might try using DeepBurner software to transfer audio files to CD and NGwave is great for editing sound files. You can meet other local people who practice Meditation, and disucss techniques, philosophies, spirituality, and schools of thought. If you want to start your own group you can post a free announcement on Craigslist. Or you may want to join or Start a New Age Group at Yahoo.

If you are new to self improvement or want help or just a more structured approach, click here
or try
Steve or Sounds True with Tami Simon.