Thursday, June 19, 2014

Good Vibes, Bad Vibes

The focus of our emotions becomes the reality of our world.

Discovery 1:  There is a field of energy that connects all creation.

Discovery 2:  This field, plays the role of a constsnt, a bridge, and a mirror for the beliefs within us.

Discovery 3:  The field is nonlocal and holographic. Every part of it is connected to every other, and each piece mirrors the whole on a smaller scale.

Discovery 4:  We communicate with the field through the language of emotion.
Gregg Braden - From The Divine Matrix, p.xxi

Part of what is new about the 'new age' is our increased awareness of vibrations. For a very long time our perception and understanding of vibrations has been significant, but since the advent of science, we have begun to actually measure and use vibrations in practical ways. We have learned to categorize vibrations according to an understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum and to understand that all energy and even all matter is composed of vibrations. Increasingly this knowledge is changing our lives in important ways. A comparison can be made to fire, which has always been around and can be both good and bad. Not until fire was understood scientifically did it become available to technology.

In the past couple of decades neuroscience had made more progress than in all previous decades combined. We have come a long way in our understanding of how the food we eat is converted into chemical energy, and into electrical energy that operates the nervous system, that generates consciousness.

Quite recently we have learned that it is consciousness and not DNA that switches on stem cells in our bodies which turn into blood, bone, nerve tissue, or whatever kind of cells are needed. When we are in the normal, healthy mode of consciousness the growth and maintenance of the body is automatic. But if we are alarmed, fearful, or too stressed, our body goes into a protection mode, and our vital energy resources are diverted into bio-chemicals that enhance our ability to fight of flee.

So, our perception and interpretation of the conditions around us takes precedence over other biological processes. Our attention and intention is quite literally what we become. And we have learned that the subconscious mind is enormously more powerful than the conscious mind. It acts like the software in the computer that processes data and summarizes it into pictures and language that we can understand. Thus we are pre-programmed to respond in certain ways which can be summarized as approach and avoidance.

If we have previously been hurt or traumatized, we unconsciously avoid anything associated with that experience. Most of our actions are necessarily governed by our subconscious mind simple because the conscious mind lacks processing power, which explains the difference between what we think and what we do. Without any apparent communication, animals interactions are often instinctual. If two dogs come into the street, right away they seem to know what to expect. On some level our actions and interactions are instinctual.

A computer with bad programming yields errors, "garbage in, garbage out." The same is true of our subconscious programming. To the extent we learn fear, bigotry, violence, and indifference, then to that extent we will experience negative circumstances. But the conscious mind can override the subconscious mind. It takes attention and intention. And intention implies an element of emotional commitment. These are confusing times, which means that a personal strategy to stay centered and balanced is all the more important.

We eventually become what we pay attention to. If you dwell on your highest idea of good, it will grow stronger. That simply means you look for transcendent possibilities. If you meditate about becoming free of the ego in favor of being more fully the true Self, then you are automatically improving wisdom and willpower. And you become less concerned with the worldly and with the merely sensual; and more with awe and reverence for the environment and humankind's ultimate nature and purpose. Learning meditation is like learning music - you use your mind to practice the basics, then you use focused emotion to render the music.

Harville Hendrix writes that the longevity of any personal relationship depends prinarily on one thing:

The way the other person feels when you are together.

The Law of Attraction simply delivers whatever your emotional vibrations are, either bad or good. The choice is yours. The internet is a great opportunity to recreate who you are. What kind of vibes comprise your online persona?

Higher vibrations are connected to the emotions of love and joy. The lower vibrations are connected to fear and guilt. - Dr. David R. Hawkins

All is energy and vibrations. And there is increasing evidence to suggest that at some level, in choosing the kind of vibrations we pay attention to, we choose the kind of reality we will experience. The language to describe this level of subtlety is inexact and still evolving. If you think of your carbon footprint is "the total set of greenhouse gas emissions" caused by you, then your vibrational footprint or energetic signature may represent your overall contribution to the welfare of the species. Destructive emotions such as fear, anxiety, and anger are natural and adaptive to aid in our survival. However there are many times when these toxic emotions get the best of us and cause problems, rather than to enhance health and survival.

As an experiment you might begin to be more aware of what kind of media you choose. It is apparent that television content has become negative and violent. Howerver, it may be easier to start with your choice of music and internet content. For example when you wake up in the mornings if you meditate a few minutes and listen some music that is elegant or serene, or at least uplifting, gradually you will notice that it has an overall effect on the quality of the day's experiences and your health and stress levels as well. Also there are interenet channels designed to be soothing. By choosing radio and television programming that is non-violent, your over all stress levels will decline. You might think of it as attitude management. You might designate a regular time, perhaps just before going to sleep, to review what you have to be grateful for, as a way to customize your brainwave patterns.

Before we are born a few cells contained all the information need to construct a complete human body. And the body also contains the information needed for healthy growth and maintenance. At the quantum level our electromagnetic field precedes our body. Although we may not  have the words for it, our Energy Body is part of that field. All people, whether they know it or not, are affected in their Energy bodies by their immediate environment. Actually, your field changes with each thought, very, very fast. And the energy field shift always precedes the shifting pattern of the physical body. It sets the foundation for the physical body, and anything that goes wrong in the energy field will eventually make its way into the physical body. 

Everybody's field pulsates within a range of frequencies. If the range is about the same for two people, then they will usually have a lot of affinity with each other. If it's not, it will make them nervous. The energy of stress precedes its physical effects including the human body. Our fields become imbalanced because we all have certain belief systems that we grew up with and a whole string of childhood traumas. The energy of serenity, love and compassion has a healing effect.

Whatever the subconscious mind expects is what the body delivers at a cellular level. Bad vibes are unhealthy while good vibes are healing. Avoiding destructive thoughts and feelings such as conflict and violence is as important as avoiding bad food. Paying attention constructive thoughts and feelings and choosing wholesome experiences and friendships is the way to stay healthy and happy. Ultimately you are the sum of all your vibrations.